Attendance Matters

190 days

(in each academic year)

180 days


178 days


171 days attended

(more than 18 days absence)


Best chance of success!

95% 94% 90%

Parents should understand that attendance is an issue for our school. I am asking for your support in improving whole school attendance and punctuality. Lateness after close of register is classed as an unauthorised absence.

We want your child to attend regularly to support their learning.The impact on a child's education through lost learning is huge. At a time when so much education has been disrupted it is vital that we make every school minute count. 

Attendance is essential to ensuring that all pupils fulfil their potential. Poor attendance can also have a negative impact on:

  • friendships
  • self esteem and confidence

The government has set a target of 95% attendance for all pupils. This rate allows for periods of illness or particular circumstances when absence from school is unavoidable.

Letters are sent home to advise you if your child's absence falls below this figure.

Persistent Absence

It is considered that attendance of 90% or below is persistent absence. Failing to improve on 90% can lead to prosecution, which school want to help families avoid.

Although 90% sounds reasonably good, it means your child misses:

  • one half day each weeek
  • nearly 4 weeks every school year

By missing out on regular schooling, some children are having to constantly try to catch up on their peers. Having chunks of knowledge missing really disadvantages your child compared to their classmates.


At Styal Primary School, attendance for every child is monitored. In partnership with the Local Authority Attendance team and our Family Support Worker, we work to support all who are not attending school without sufficient reason. As headteacher, I also work hand-in-hand with my Deputy, Sara Chignell, who is school's Emotional Health and Wellbeing Lead. She works with families to support where needed.

Improving Attendance

There are things to improve your child's attendance and avoid falling into the persistent absence category. 

  • Keep up to date with what percentage attendance your child has
  • Speak to school staff with any concerns
  • Take family holidays outside term time (these will be classed as unauthorised)
  • Talk to your child about the importance of them being in school and let them know how important you feel it is
  • Wherever possible, make medical and dental appointments outside school hours or during school holidays. If it is not posible, we will require a copy of the appointment letter to authorise your child's absence.

Encouraging Good Attendance

At school, we are awaiting the arrival of Attendance Ted. Each week, the class with the best attendance will be able to 'adopt' him so he can stay in their classroom. Class percentages will be shared each week on the school's newsletter.

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