Educational Visits and Visitors to School

Educational Visits

At Styal, we believe that every child should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development whatever their age, ability or circumstances. Visits enable our children to have first hand experience of a range of topics and activities. These often are the most memorable learning experiences and help children to  make sense of the .world around them. Visits take place in each year group and change according to the curriculum.

Each visit is authorised by Styal's EVC (Mrs Chignell) - our Educational Visits Co-ordinator. She ensures that the visit is risk assessed and supports the Headteacher and the governing body in their decisions on approval.

Visitors to School

Visitors are welcomes into school to further enhance children's learning. They provide first hand experience to deepen children's knowledge, understanding and skills. They are wonderful in engaging and exciting the children and provide a stimulus for further learning.

Every other year, Styal Primary School holds an Aspirations Week with numerous visitors. These visitors motivate our children about a range of job roles and is a hugely inspiring event.


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