Extra-curricular Clubs

Our vision:

Academic outcomes alone do not make a well-rounded person. At Styal, we are committed to  developing the whole child through a range of experiences that go beyond curriculum requirements.

We believe that doing things outside of the classroom plays a vital role in children's education - it enhances our children's learning journey beyond the school day. Extra-curricular activities are one of the ways to support children to have greater opportunities, aspiring children to learn more about a subject or finding a skill that they would like to pursue in more depth. 

Styal Primary School's programme of clubs on offer varies from term to term but aims to provide a mix of sports and creative activitiies including music. We believe that these opportunities give children the chance to make new friends and build upon their growing confidence. Extra curricular activities, spanning musical, artistic, social and sporting areas, offer valuable life experiences too.

Aims of our extra-curricular provision:

  • to build a circle of peers who share a common interest / hobby / goal
  • to provide opportunities to develop new skills
  • to support existing passions and nurture new ones
  • to create opportunities to participate in competitve sports - to build teamwork, respect and resilience
  • to foster a positive attitude to all aspects of school

Letters are sent to parents to allow children to sign up for the various clubs on offer across the year. These may change each term so it is worth looking out for the emails and reminders on the weekly newsletter.

Clubs on offer in Autumn 2023 - 24:

  • Baking Club
  • PFC - football after school
  • Football training for boys' team
  • Football training for girls' team 
  • Girls' football team
  • Boys' football team
  • Gym Club
  • Choir
  • Multi-skills
  • Netball
  • Year 6 Booster Club
  • Jam Coding Game Building Club

Clubs later in the year:

  • Allotment Club
  • Art Club
  • Cross-country
  • Crochet Club
  • Maypole Dancing

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Main Contact: Miss Jenny Nolan
SENDCo: Mrs Claire Holliday

Tel: 01625 917280

Email: admin@styal.cheshire.sch.uk

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