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Here at Styal we aim to get every child active in a way that engages, encourages and enthuses them!

If your child likes sports and would like to try something new and/or you would like to encourage them to become more active after school you will find our overview of extra currciular sports clubs below.

Often we will use these clubs to help us to select teams to put forward into competitions, however we also offer opportunities to attend non-competitive festivals too. You will find a calender of events that we hope to attend over the course of the academic year.


What is the Daily Mile?

You may have heard your child talk of our 'daily mile' but not be entirely sure of what this involves. Well, put simply this is a social activity which takes places 10 minutes before lunch every day. Children are encouraged, to walk, jog or run for this ten minutes at their own pace. Research suggests those schools that have done this have found children are more motivated and resilient when facing challenegs in the classroom. Results have also confirmed that it reduces body fat, improves fitness and increases activity levels in children.


How do we teach PE at Styal?

As staff we have all been trained in REAL PE, this is a child centred approach, which has transformed the way we teach our PE lessons. The aim is to give every child the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, sport and life. However, our PE lessons aren't just restricted to our PE slot as we also offer active options in Golden Time and try to embed aspects within our active lessons too.

Making sure our teachers are skilled in what they deliver is very important to us and often we know that getting in an 'expert'  means that lessons can be delivered to an even higher quality. That's why we have links to Styal Lacrosse Club, Wilmslow Football Academy, Lindow Cricket Club and a specialist sports coach who works at Crofstide Tennis Club. These links are great at providing the children with postivie role models and signposting them to their next avenue in sport. 


How can you help?

As you know parents and carers have a vital role to play in helping to keep our pupils fit and healthy.

If your child has been invited to take part in a competition, please let us know whether they can attend. We appreciate that transporting to and from events can prove tricky but unfortunately we are unable to organise this on your behalf. Instead try liasing with other parents or your year group representative for parent council to help. 

The Government's Obesity Strategy calls on children to get a MINIMUM of 30 minutes more activity IN school and OUT of school. If you're struggling with ideas and how to get your child more active, take a look at some of our home challenges attached below. 




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