Aspirations Week

At Styal, we believe that nurtuting the whole child is crucial. Our wide and varied curriculum is so important to us as it gives our children a broad base to set them up to be successful in the future. We need to provide our children with inspiring and empowering aspirations.

Every two years, we hold our Aspirations Week in July where we learn about different jobs and the skills required. The aim of the week is that our children are able to articulate what they might like to do in the future.

The week is action packed and we aim for it to be something that the children remember for a long time.

The activities include:

  • visitors come into school to talk about their job role
  • children visit local places of work to learn about different roles in a large company - for example Manchester Airport
  • children applied for and work in 'apprentice positions' within school such as apprentice headteacher, apprentice caretaker, apprentice school business manager, apprentice teaching assistant
  • children circulate to attend a carousel of role play job activities (vet, supermarket, science laboratory, 999 what's your emergency, forensic scientist, mechanic, hairdresser, food preparation, clothes shop)
  • Year 5 / 6 took part in a 'Grow a £' to develop their financial skills

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