Year 5 RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

Class: Year 5 and Year 6 Year: 2018 - 2019

This week Year 5, upon their request, carried out their Big Garden Birdwatch.

Mrs Bellshaw researched where the best spot might be, and then with the help of Ann (Head Gardener at Quarry Bank) we set to work.

We were allowed in a private compound in the NT gardens, as this was a quiet area away from the public....and we created some fantastic data!

We had to be quiet and not move around too quickly - otherwise we would have scared everything away.

We spent well over 1 hour observing and identifying the garden birds, and we recorded what we saw on our bird charts.

Here are our findings...

Chaffinch - 1

Greenfinch - 1

Wren - 1

Mallard - 1

House sparrow - 1 

Blackbird - 7

Song thrush - 1

Blue tit - 6

Goldfinch - 1 

Great tit - 3

Coal tit - 2

Collared dove - 1 

Wood pigeon - 8 

Pigeon - 6

Robin -  7

Nuthatch - 1

Carrion crow - 4

Jackdaw - 1

Magpie - 7

Raven - 3

Wow - so we saw 20 different types of birds!  The children couldn't believe how, when you stop to look, birds, their behaviour and their calls/songs are really fascinating!  One Year 5 said "I never thought that birds were very interesting and I have never really noticed them before, but when you stop to look they are everywhere and they are really interesting!" - isn't that exactly what learning is all about!

Thank you very much to Alfie's mum for coming along to help us and also for capturing some fabulous birds on her camera! I have attached them to the gallery for everyone to see. Can you spot the wren?

Well done Year 5, I will now submit your findings on to the RSPB!

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