Parent Council

The Parent Council was formed several  years ago. The objectives of the Parent Council are to promote the partnership between school and parents and to identify and represent the views of parents. It has been of great success so far.  How to share a concern or a well done: speak to a council rep (it doesn't have to be your class rep) or email Mrs Jones on

If a concern is raised with a parent representative then it will be discussed at the next parent council meeting. The Teacher Facilitator will provide information around issues or will refer items for action to discuss with the Headteacher. Parent council representatives will then feed back to individuals who raised issues.  The Teacher Facilitator will update this page so that parents can see which issues discussed were of specific interest and see any actions that have been taken as a result of the discussion.  Please note that issues which specifically arise relating to your own child should be addressed with their class teacher. Anything relating to fundraising should be raised with a member of Parents of Styal. 

Each year group has a parent representative who collates other parents' views and attends a termly parent council meeting to discuss those issues.

Parent Council Representatives 2017/18

Rec     – Alison Lilley      - Marcus’s mum

Year 1 – Julie Roberts    - Bella L’s nan

Year 2 – Teresa Whalen - Oliver W’s Mum

Year 3 –  

Year 4 – Lucy Bentley    - Sammy’s mum 

Year 5 – Lisa Farnell      - Jamilla’s mum

Year 6 – Alex Round      - Thomas’s dad



FACILITATED BY Teacher Governor, Mrs Jones and Parent Governor, Mrs Holliday

Parent Council minutes November 2018

A parent suggested for next year that each class could bring in different donations for the Christmas fair e.g. only one class to bring in chocolate and another bottles

We think we will get more donations if everyone is asked to bring in all the items.

There were a few concerns over children being heard read in Yr1/2

Mrs Jacobs is back to work now so this will be rectified.

A few parents were concerned with the school lunches

Our kitchen had a spot check and was given a level 5, which is the highest level of hygiene. Also wearing gloves in not recommended as they can harbour more germs.

We had a discussion about sandwich options and have passed on the comments to Chartwells.

A parent was unsure what time booster club finished for the yr6s

Miss Nolan will send an e mail to yr6 parents informing them of the time

Parents are finding the yr3/4 SPAG homework very difficult, especially the terminology.

A spelling and grammar help sheet has now been put on the website which can be printed off

A parent asked if we can put markings in the car park

This is a  National Trust car park, Mrs Smith can e mail to request it.

One parent asked if members of staff are allowed to use their mobile phones while on lunch duty in the playground

No, but they do have walkie talkies

A parent asked if all lunch time staff are first aid trained?

Not all staff, but there is always a first aider on duty and other staff very close by which can be reached by walkie talkie.

There are concerns about nits and some children not having their hair tied up.

We will attach the uniform policy to the next newsletter which states that hair longer than jaw length should be tied up.


Parent Council Minutes March 2018

  • Parents are generally happy with our school
  • Parents are concerned that drivers are speeding on Altrincham Rd and driving dangerously in the NT carpark.

We will speak to the NT about putting up a sign in the carpark about careful driving as it is used by parents of our school.

We will do an assembly on road safety.

Mrs Coventry will speak to Mr Novak about speed watch

Reception children will walk to the car park and discuss the dangers

  • Parents complained about dog muck on the path next to the cottages

Mrs Smith has e mailed the NT about putting up a sign to dog owners

  • Who will take over POS?

Julie Robertson (Bella Longs Nan)

  • There was a few concerns about school dinners:

- the taster session didn't provide examples of food the children would be having for lunch ---- Mrs Smith has spoken to Chartwells about this and they will come again and provide examples of the food your children will be offered at lunchtime.

- portions aren't big enough for KS2 children---- children are able to choose from the salad bar which includes a variety of salads, pasta or bread, a lot of the children don't eat all their lunch and it gets thrown away.

- can they have seconds? ------- if there is enough left which generally there is, then they can.

- can they have another drink?----yes

- can parents come and have a lunch with their children to see the lunches and portion size? - Yes parent council reps' can, they need to sort out a date and payment with Mrs Hunt in the office, only 2 parent council reps on one day.

  • Parents are generally very happy with homework but yr5/6 parents would like clarification on how many sections their child should be doing in the homework books

The Yr5/6 teachers will send out a note to let parents know how much should be completed

  • There was a complaint from a Yr5/6 parent wanting more warning about dressing up for the trip.

A letter went out to parents several weeks before the trip, explaining about the day and dressing up, there have been weekly reminders on the newsletter and an email the day before to remind parents.

  • Is Fresh Air Friday still happening? Some children come to school looking scruffy, not wearing school uniform jumpers and trainers.

Yes Fresh Air Friday is still happening, but it has been reduced due to the weather over Winter. Children are allowed to wear trainers and joggers but should wear school uniform on their top half. Mrs Smith will write a reminder for parents in the weekly newsletter.

  • There was a concern from a parent that our school netball kits look scruffy.

Mrs Jacobs (P.E co-ordinator ) will look into purchasing a new kit.

  • Is Write to Shine still happening?

Yes all children have a Write to Shine book where a 'polished' piece of writing goes in, this is usually every couple of weeks.

  • Is Wake up shake up still happening?

Yes we've moved it from the start of the day to 10.45

  • Can we have a school mini bus?

No we can't afford one

  • Could the Stay and Make sessions be moved to the afternoon?

No, as the teachers set up the hall before school, we are unable to set up during lunchtime as the children eat lunch in there. We also do it for the parents who are working, so they can go straight to work from a Stay and Make session, if we were do it in the afternoon it would mean they would need to leave work at lunchtime to come to our school.

  • Parents are happy with the booster clubs after school and think they are going well.
  • Do we recycle? Yes
  • Some parents are unhappy as they have seen children walking to school with mobile phones and bringing them onto the playground in the morning.

Year 5/6 children are allowed to bring phones to school if necessary. They are given to their teacher who locks them in a store cupboard, we have had no issues with it. It is important that they get ready for life at high school

Parent Council November 2017

  • There are a number of parents unhappy with the school lunches, they are concerned about portion size and the vegetarian options

We will have a new lunch provider starting in January, called Chartwells who also provide lunches for WHS, we have spoken to them and they sound great, they will be inviting parents to sample their food and to discuss any issues.


  • Reception parents asked if their children could be prompted to drink water

Yes, the children often ask for water and they are able to get their own water bottles, they are also able to drink from the water fountains at playtimes and lunchtimes which they do frequently.


  • Can water be sold at playtimes?

We sell orange and apple juice as there is water available from the water fountains


  • Does school use washable paint?

Yes it should be, washing in cold water can help to remove stubborn stains.


  • Can arbor be used to inform parents about school information such as non- uniform days? Could parents have a large whiteboard to be reminded of events such as parents evening and cake sales?

We do put events on the calendar on the school website and the weekly newsletter, we always text out before open mornings and non-uniform days.


  • Parents would like a male teacher

We give the job to the best applicant


  • Can there be any leeway when there is traffic i.e. dropping off children early or picking them up late?

We have before and after school club everyday

-£6.00 from 7 am, £4.00 from 7.45 am, £1.00 from 8.30 am.

-£2.50 till 4pm. £8.00 till 5.30pm till £ 6pm on request.


  • Parents are concerned that their children's shoes are getting muddy at school, could they wear trainers or wellies at lunchtime and on the walks?

We will work out a system for walks so that when it is particularly muddy the children will do circuits on the playground rather going out for a walk. We will also ask children to put on trainers or wellies at lunchtimes.


  • Do we recycle?



  • Some parents were concerned about fizzy drinks being sold at POS events.

Usually at these events drinks such as apple juice and water are included in the price, it is up to the parents if they give their own children extra money for the tuck shop, the tuck shop is often where POS make the money which they are trying to raise for the school.


  • There were a lot of happy parents in all year groups, very pleased with how their children have settled in to their new class.


  • Parents are happy in year 6 that after school booster classes are already starting.


  • Can there be more after school activities such as street dance?

We have several clubs running everyday at lunchtime and after school, including creative, sports and academic clubs. Mrs Jacobs (P.E co-ordinator) is looking into different cost effective clubs


  • Some parents felt there was not enough residentials

Because there was quite a proportion of parents not wanting their children to go on residentials. This year 19 out of 34 children attended Robinwood, it meant that the school was out of pocket by £1600 and had to staff school and residential. We have decided after lots of discussion that yr6s will go to Conwy, yr5s can have a bespoke residential at school and all year groups have termly trips




2016-17 Parent Representatives are :


Reception   –Laura  –(Alfie Williams Nan)

Year 1 –  Vicky – (Jake Patmore’s mum)

Year 2 – Carole – (Mathilde Arrowsmith's Mum)

Year 3 – Holly   – (Isla O'Sullivan's mum)

Year 4 –   Emma ( Cole Davis’s mum)

Year 5 – Joanne -  (Ria’s Bernard Town’s mum )

Year 6 – Nikki   – (James Walton's mum)

FACILITATED BY Teacher Governor, Mrs Jones and Parent Governor, Mrs Holliday

March 2017

We spent quite a lot of time discussing homework, resulting in a lot of mixed views. There was a lot of positive feedback about the homework books, some parents wanted more homework and for teachers to set research projects for them to do at home and homework to be set in the holidays, while other parents would prefer less homework. There has been a lot of research into the benefits of homework with primary school aged children, which as a staff we have found very informative and interesting. If you are particularly interested in this area of your child’s learning I have attached links to a number of websites which provide some interesting reading material (these links are on our school website too):


We have decided that we already set enough homework, but we do encourage parents to do activities with their children in the holidays which link to the topic they are studying at school e.g. going to The Manchester Museum when learning about the Egyptians or when learning about transport visiting the runway centre at Manchester Airport. We also think that reading at home is vital and this should be done all year round, encouraging a love of books is fundamental to a child's development.

On our website we have a numeracy evening ppt which explains the methods we teach the children to use, giving different examples, this may be a useful tool for parents helping their children with maths homework.

Some parents didn't agree with children 'going on red' if they hadn't done their homework

Staff no longer do this, there is a homework club made available on a Friday lunchtime for children who struggle to complete their homework.


One parent asked if we have enough lunchtime organisers and what is the required ratio

The ratio we are meant to have is 1.60, we have more than we need with a ratio of 1.30

How often are children heard read in yr1/2?

Once a week individually and also in guided reading sessions


Do yr5/6 have a quiet reading session?

Yes every day after lunch


Do yr5/6 learn French?

Yes on Thursdays


December 2016

Parents were concerned about injuries caused by footballs on the playground before school has started, as children are arriving.

We share the concern and will inform all parents on the weekly newsletter that no footballs will be allowed before school on the playground.

After staff discussion we have also decided to ban hard leather footballs at play and lunchtime, each class is going to be bought 2 plastic balls to be used at playtimes.

Parents commented on the size of lunch portions and questioned if the children in juniors were getting enough food.

We have checked the size of the portions and the children are getting a standard size in line with nutritional guidelines.

It was mentioned that children weren’t always getting the lunch they’d signed up for in the mornings.

We have spoken to the lunchtime organisers and they have never heard of a child who hasn’t had their preference, we will obviously monitor this though.

Parents were concerned that some children had done P.E in the rain.

This was discussed at a staff meeting and we will make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

Parents would like more notice for parents evenings and costumes they need to provide for Christmas plays.

We will do this.

Parents from KS1 were unsure about the new homework books and how much they were meant to complete weekly.

We will send a letter to clarify this.

Some parents are parking inconsiderately in the NT car park, making it difficult for other parents.

We will put a reminder in our weekly newsletter.

A parent asked if open mornings, stay and make sessions and Christmas plays could be in the afternoons instead of the morning sometimes.

We will send out a survey to parents about this, all the celebration assemblies are in the afternoons.

A parent who works at Tesco suggested that we collect tokens for our forest school.

Mrs Bellshaw is going to look into this.

A parent had asked if sports day could be more traditional and could KS1 and KS2 be separate.

We do a mixture of traditional (running races) and fun races which we feel is best for the children, we will keep to it being a whole school event as some parents have children in both key stages.

It has been noticed that during evening events such as a quiz, some parents are smoking outside and leaving cigarette ends outside the local resident’s homes.

This will be passed onto POS who run and organise these events.

Some parents mentioned that their children are scared of dogs which are tied up to the entrances of the school.

We will put a reminder in the newsletter to clarify that dogs should not be tied near to the entrances.

Some KS2 parents said their children were coming home muddy.

The children aren’t allowed to play on the field when it’s wet, they are supervised at all times but sometimes they do fall over.

There was a lot of positive feedback about our outcomes mornings, when parents are invited into school.

We will continue to run these.

Parents have requested for open mornings and outcomes mornings to be more spaced out.

We will endeavour to do this.

Parent Council Meeting June 2016

Feedback from Homework survey

We had 45 responses and the majority of these said that school gave the right amount of homework.

Parents wanted to know if there can be a homework club.

After discussion we have decided that creative/ active clubs are better for the children but if any parent is unsure about their child's homework, teachers are willing to chat at the end of the school day.

A discussion was had about how beneficial spelling homework is - this discussion will be continued in a staff meeting.

Forest School

Parents were very positive about Forest School, said it was a great idea.

Parents wanted to know if the Forest School area could be hired out for parties/ holiday clubs?

We are having another school come in July, we will be charging per child so it will raise money, which will go straight back into our Forest School resources.

In the long term a summer club will be considered.

Can parents be invited to view the Forest School area?

Good idea, yes during our next open morning.

Trips/ Residential

There was lots of positive feedback about both the yr2/3 trip to Delamere and the yr 4/5 trip to Robinwood. Parents appreciated photo's being placed on the website on the actual days of the residential, parents enjoyed seeing photo's of where they were staying and the activities they were taking part in, it helped to reassure them that they were happy and safe.

Can we have individual text messages to say that children are fine?

This would be very time consuming for staff to text each parent but school is looking into buying a school mobile phone for those parents who need to speak to staff during the residentail.

Some yr6 parents have been worried about a possible residential to London, they don't feel that it is a safe place to visit at the moment and would prefer the children to go on an activity holiday with school.

We take on board all your comments and will book Conwy activity Centre for the year 6 children.

School lunches

Are kS1 children allowed seconds?

They are allowed to go back and get carbohydrates - rice, potatoes.. but the cook makes the correct  amount of proteins so we don't end up wasting  food.

In warmer weather are frozen drinks allowed for all year groups?

We have decided not to sell frozen drinks as many of the children are unable to finish them during playtime

March 2016

Parent Concerns & School Response


Some parents voiced concerned about school lunches, in particular portion size and lack of choice.

Taylor Shaw ( company who provide our lunches) have been invited in for parents to sample the lunches, this will give parents the opportunity to voice their concerns - Parent council reps to seek feedback after the taster session


A parent was concerned that their child was not allowed to have tuna and cheese on their jacket potato at lunchtime. We have spoken to the cook and children are allowed to have whatever combination they want on their jacket potato if it is  available


Children get muddy shoes. We will look into buying/ making welly racks. Reception children already wear wellies in their area. On wet days we will look into Reception children putting on their wellies  at lunchtimes.


Some parents aren't parking very safely or thoughtfully in the NT car park. We have written a reminder in the school newsletter for parents to take greater care when parking


Some parents are parking in front of the memorial when dropping off or picking up children. We will continue to remind in the school newsletter.


Pens aren't always available for parents to tick their children's' lunchtime choices in the morning, sometimes certain classes don't have their lunchtime sheets left out in the morning.

We will endeavour to replace pens and keep them tied to the boards and will make sure that all boards are left out.


Could lunches be chosen in advance, either by filling in a form or online? The menu is on our website, allowing parents to help their child choose what they want before they come to school.


Can school performances be filmed by a designated person and sold to make money for the school. An excellent idea, we will look into this.



When a ball goes over the fence at lunchtime, are the children allowed to go and get it?

Only if we have the  appropriate supervision at that moment for the child to leave site.


Will we be doing cross country this year and can anyone go? We will be doing training at lunchtime and we will look into who and how many are allowed to enter.


Is the gate to the playground open in the day? No


Can parents be informed if their child is getting a certificate in the Celebration assembly?

No, we want it to be a surprise, we choose the children as close as possible to the assembly so that it reflects the whole half term. We also feel that the assembly is for the children, we don't want people to feel obliged to come although all are welcome.

Can the time of the Celebration assemblies be put on the newsletter? Yes


Can children who try really hard in their spellings, who don't quite achieve full marks be mentioned in the celebration assembly? Only children who get full marks for a whole half term will get a certificate in the assembly but if a child gets full marks three times in a row then they do get a certificate in class, teachers also give out house points and stickers to those children who have tried really hard.



Parents liked the book day celebrations, especially that their children only had to choose a colour to dress up in. We have thanked Mrs Chignell for organising this.



Parents liked that their children are learning the x tables by singing them and felt this really helped them. Mrs Smith is pleased about this as maths coordinator and we have noticed a difference in the x table knowledge around school too.


November 2015

Discussions and actions taken:

  • Parents are pleased with the new homework.
  • Parents are pleased the uniform is better enforced. .
  • Parents requested mirrors in the Year 6 girls toilets - These are being ordered.
  • A couple of parents suggested an inconsistency in spellings and requested more challenging spellings. This will be discussed with staff. The phonics groups are based on ability and are regularly assessed.


  • Can the Parents Evening be held in the child’s classroom?

Parents Evenings used to be held in children’s classroom but this presents a safety issue and therefore holding Parents Evening in one location is preferred. An Open Morning is held for parents to experience the classroom environment.

  • Driving

Although it is more of a village issue, it was reported that parents are driving too fast on the cobbles into school. Perhaps the National Trust could support some signage to indicate that this is a road serving the village. The government has recently said that there will be a 20 mile speed limit outside every school, We have made sure that we are in the first year of this being done.

  • Some parents wanted more information on the level of their child’s ability and what group they were in, in their class. Ability grouping has been discussed, parents will be informed of significant changes. Children are placed in groups to help them fulfil their potential.
  • School Uniform

From discussion parents agreed that a uniform sale could be  held at the end of the school year where uniform is donated. A parent would take on responsibility for organising such an event. We would gratefully appreciate if a parent could undertake this.

There was a request to consider a knitted sweater rather than a sweatshirt because the sweatshirts do not wash well and it is difficult to remove stains. It was noted that a knitted sweater would be more expensive than a sweatshirt. Perhaps bringing the KS1 sweatshirts in line with KS2 could be considered.

School uniform was surveyed to parents two years ago and will be reviewed in two years as changes in uniform can incur big costs.

Parents have reported various problems with getting school uniform from the current uniform provider Monkhouses including the cost, timing and availability of uniform, delays and errors in orders. There was a suggestion for the school to consider outsourcing the uniform provider to for example Tesco. It was reported that there maybe a potential cost benefit to the school too. We will investigate sourcing from another uniform provider this year.


  • Some parents are unaware if the Ipads are timetabled for lessons and if the children are receiving use of the Ipads in class. All classes are timetabled for use of the ipads, this has been clarified on a weekly newsletter.


  • Snacks

There was discussion on payment for snacks and how this information is monitored. Parents suggested having the same system throughout school to take payment for snacks.

We think it is important for children in the juniors to learn to take responsibility for themselves and learn about using money


  • Celebration Assembly

Feedback on the Tombola System for attendance was positive.


Although Phonics were celebrated in assembly and parents acknowledged that this was very positive it was noted that this was only for children in the top Phonics Group. Parents felt that children in the Phonics groups regardless of their set / group should receive a certificate if they achieve well for e.g. 10/10 in any of the Phonic groups.

This will be communicated to all staff so that in future any child who gets 10/10 every week for half a term will receive a certificate in the Celebrations assembly.

  • Times Tables

Parents requested motivation for Times Tables Tests similarly to the previous Number Bond club. Parents would also like to see more encouragement of rapid speed recall tests.

We agree, this is on our whole school development plan, to be put in place in Spring 2016


  • Lighting outside School -How can we improve the lighting outside of school?

The school would have to liaise with the National Trust.

We will liaise with the NT


  • Appearance of the Front of School

Parents noted that at the front of the Breakfast Club entrance the hall door is covered in weeds.

This will be dealt with by the site maintenance officer


  • School Text Message

It was noted that the school text message service does not distinguish which sibling the message refers to.

This has been rectified

  • Lunchtime

Parents suggested that the sandwich option is reintroduced for the winter term.

This has been discussed with the children and jacket potatoes were found to be preferential and fitted in with nutritional guidance.


  • Access to school -some parents wanted to come into school with their children when it was raining in the mornings

Parents and children can access the school at 8.45am, every morning during inclement weather. However, there is a staff meeting on a Monday morning.


  • School Drinks

Parents felt strongly that milk should be offered as a drink option to children. Fruit juice is unhealthy for teeth.

This will be discussed with Taylor Shaw

  • School Dinners

There was considerable discussion on the issue of school dinners. The main concern was the repetition of menu options.

There has been a low take up by children when healthy options such as Butternut Squash Risotto have been provided.  Jacket Potatoes are always a meal option with a topping and salad. Children are always encouraged to eat well and finish their dinner. This has been discussed with Taylor Shaw and wil change with the next menu change.


Parents suggested that either the school dinner company hold a demonstration session for parents or the school invite parents to attend a school dinnertime.

We will organise this with Taylor Shaw


  • There was positive feedback reported on reception children's  reading. Some parents have requested that more than one reading book is sent home to read. This is now happening.
  • Condition of Shoes
  • Children are reminded to wear their wellies for outside play. Children in reception will be reminded to wear their wellies in their outside area



Have the National Trust been approached about a suitable Astroturf surface for the field?

This would be inappropriate in our natural protected area. Children also use the cricket club, phoenix astro turf and the village green for P.E lessons



July 2015

Discussions and actions taken:

  • Lots of lovely comments were fed back about the open morning which will now be a termly
    event. Parents with more than one child asked if it could be longer so we will make it till
    9.45am next time.
  • Could there be a sandwich option for lunch ?
    We will talk to the kitchen about this.
  • Parents asked if we could recognise those who have good attendance—a weekly prize
    opportunity is being sorted out which will start in September.
  • A discussion was held around the school having a presence on facebook. At the moment it has
    been decided that we are not going ahead with this because the benefits do not outweigh the
    issues involved.
  • A discussion was had about homework, we are reviewing the homework policy for September
    so it will be great to have further feedback after that.


March 2015

Discussions and actions taken:

  • There has been a lot of positive feedback about the new forms given out at parents evening.

  • Parents weren't sure if all members of staff were giving out certificates to all children who got all their spellings correct three times in a row, staff will be reminded of this.

  • School will endeavour to try and even out payments for trips, as at times parents have felt they come all at once.

  • The school field/pitch was discussed, the drainage seems to be working well, the children won't be allowed on when there has been a lot of rain, as it becomes very muddy.

  • If a child is absent from school, the staff in the office ALWAYS need to be informed, even if the class teacher has been told.

  • My Maths was discussed, parents would like homework to be given out on it more frequently, teachers will do this.


Nov 2014

Discussions and actions taken:

  • Some parents have been concerned about the children in the rec/ KS1 play area getting dirty - The children will be trialing waterproofs. The yr 1/2 children can bring in wellies to leave in school and put on at playtimes. The junior children will be allowed to change into their trainers at lunchtime.
  • Some parents have made a request for Everyone talk homework to be moved to a Wednesday as it clashes with football on a Thursday. Staff have discussed this and will be keeping it on a Thursday because the talk is meant to be done the night before, so it is fresh for the child but also to reassure parents it should only take 10 minutes, the children only need to come to school on a Friday with an idea of what they can write. 
  • All children need to have suitable clothing for outdoor P.E in school e.g. jogging pants and a sweatshirt.
  • Milk not available at snacktime - costing implications and availability are being looked into.
  • Everyone seems happy with new school dinners.
  • Those children who repeatedly get full marks for spellings will be given a certificate.
  • Laptops to be given an 'M.O.T' by the I.T team.


  • Parent/Carer names and contact numbers collated for each class
  • Maths information evening
  • Christmas cards
  • New website
  • More advance notice given of forthcoming events
  • School dinner menu on parent mail and displayed at school.
  • Class timetables and topics to be distributed to parents.
  • Changes to school uniform.
  • Lollies were changed to fruit juice only
  • Advance notice to be given for Parent Council

New Discussions and action to be taken from the latest Parent Council:

  • Why is German taught? Wilmslow High School has been teaching our children German in previous years and is, from this September, also teaching them French in Year 7.
  • Why is Spanish taught? Spanish has been available to children at high school to learn. However, as the children in Year 7 are now also learning French, the school will be teaching French instead from October half term for Reception to year 4.  This will enable our children to have a good basis when starting high school. We will no longer teach Spanish in school. German in Year 5/6 will continue.
  • 'Chaotic Feel' in the playground before school. Following this concern, immediate action was taken to move the children's line up points back into the playground.  This enables parents to leave before the children.  Unless your child is in the Reception year group, your help to leave promptly on the whistle would be appreciated.
  • Some children find having a tie difficult to do up, could we have clip on ties.  This is already being addressed and the school is in discussion with Monkhouses to provide this as an alternative.
  • Homework - some parents felt they were unsure about which days homework was due. Classes will add a homework timetable on their class pages shortly.
  • More notice of events on the Calendar. As soon as events are known we will endeavour to add these to the calendar on the website.
  • Use of My Maths.. this programme opportuntity provides straight forward support for maths strategies to support parents' and children's understanding and is usually given as homework to support current learning in class.
  • Alternative to wake up, shake up: Cyber Coach is a fabulous website that the classes use to 'wake up' the classes.  It incorporate a range of movement activities based around sports and dance.
  • NOTE: whilst items raised relating to classes directly have been forwarded to the class teachers for their consideration, it is important to remember that any such issues should be discussed directly with the class teacher.  In future, your class rep will be asked to make a half termly appointment to raise issues on your behalf with the appropriate class teacher.


Things discussed at Parent Council:

  • Pantomime
  • Homework
  • Everyone Write
  • Sports provision
  • Fathers' week
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Spanish
  • Are junior ice lollies healthy?
  • Sharing of skills by parents - to be discussed by Parents of Styal in terms of adverts being placed in event programmes in exchange of a small fee
  • Year 1 phonic screening results - result given in school reports
  • Dates for meeting a new teacher



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