Writing Curriculum

At Styal, we aim to create an ethos that values the freedom of expression and creativity that Writing provides.

Writing is taught in a creative and stimulating way through DfE approved ‘Read to Write’ units.

Read to Write is evidence-based teaching of writing. The units are sequentially mapped out so the entire statutory curriculum for writing is covered for each year group.

The units of work centre on engaging, vocabulary-rich texts, with a wealth of writing opportunities. Each unit provides a narrative and non-fiction outcome meaning that our children are exposed to and produce writing of a range of genres and for a range of purposes. The carefully selected Vehicle Texts have strong thematic links to the Science, History and Geography curriculum embedding quality writing across all subject areas.


Each unit follows the four phased approach of immerse, analyse, plan and write.


At the start of each unit, children are immersed in a high-quality vehicle text. Children will explore objects that have links to the text whilst making predictions. Children will respond to the illustrations and explore new vocabulary. They will listen to and enjoy the vehicle text being read aloud to them. Children will then immerse themselves into the example text, a model of the writing outcome they will produce.


During the next phase of learning, children will analyse the vocabulary used in the example text and any vocabulary that links to their national curriculum spelling rules and patterns. Children will analyse grammatical features that have been used and engage in explicit teaching of these. The structure of the model text is analysed and explicitly taught at this point also.


During the planning phase, using their new learning and the vehicle and example texts as stimulus, children will now plan the intended writing outcome for the unit. It is during this phase where children have the opportunity to use their metacognition skills and really think about, and apply their knowledge, their learning and their own creative flair.


The final phase of the unit is the writing phase. Children will finally produce a high-quality independent piece of writing, applying all taught skills and knowledge from the unit. Once completed children will then revise and edit their piece of writing.


Each unit builds on learning, skills and expectations ensuring our children can thrive within the curriculum and every individual can achieve.

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