Year 5 Residential 2018 - JustWild and Art Day

We have had THE most amazing 2 days!

We have....

Made Woodland Warrior bracelets

Built incredible dens

Made, cooked and eaten Welsh Cakes

Played woodland games

Built and lit our own fires

Cooked our own sausage rolls with hot dogs and damper bread

Been on adventures in the 7ft tall ferns

Eaten Domino pizzas (it's all about the food!)

Taken part in a Bushtucker trial

Played with bows and arrows

Been on a night time walk

Watched a movie and had a feast

Made failed attempts at sleeping!!!

Eaten a fabulous Full English Breakfast at Earlams

Made incredible bird boxes in the new outdoor classroom at the mill

The children have been an absolute delight.

"This is the best residential ever!"

"I wish we could come here every day!"

"This is way better than Robinhood!"

"I have had the best time!"

"My favourite bit was lighting my own fire."

"I loved getting lost in the ferns."

This residential has been a real success.  Our main aims were to build on the skills the children already have, support local artists/businesses rather than going further afield, offer a more 'affordable to all' option and encourage ALL of the children to join in by offering something which is more familiar too them (this completely worked as almost everyone came!.

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