Year 5 Forest School - Spring 2017

Last week Year 5 had their first Forest School session of the term.

We started the session by seeing who could remember our Forest School song, and I have to say they did a pretty good job!  We then reminded ourselves about how to stay safe in Forest School before playing a couple of games.

After this the 'Ladder Challenge' was set!  This challenge will take place over the course of a few weeks and the objective is to work as a team to build the winning ladder.  The winning ladder is decided by a set of criteria which includes: the quality of the knots and lashes, the stability of the ladder and the height which it enables a team member to climb.

The first thing we needed to do was learn how make a 'clove hitch', followed by a 'square lashing'.  The children were amazing at this and worked well in pairs to suport and help each other.

The test is.....can they rememer these skills for next week!

To finish our session we made some delicious popcorn!

I chatted to the children about what they wanted to do during their sessions, and their replies were learn how to:

  • use tools safely
  • build and light a fire
  • build a 'decent' den
  • make natural paint
  • make musical instructions
  • name all of the trees in Forest School
  • identify the animals in Forest School
  • be eco-friendly
  • survive outside
  • make nettle tea and other things
  • make art pictures with natural objects
  • work as a team

Wow!  Quite a comprehensive list!  We will have to see how we get on!


I also asked the children what they love about Forest School and how they would describe it to their friends, and I wanted to share some of their replies with you:

  • "Is is a wonderous, fun and imaginative place where you get to learn outdoors."
  • "It is tremendous!"
  • "You get to develop your confidence and your team work skills."
  • "It is fun AND educational!"
  • "It is cool and sick!"
  • "It is a nature adventure of fun and learning." 
  • "Forest School is a place where you get to be outside and learn things which you can't learn inside.  It is fabulous, amazing and wonderful!"

When I asked them if there was anything we should change about Forest School, the answer was a resounding NO! So, it is good to know that we are getting it 100% right!

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