TT Rock Stars

Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS) is a fun and challenging programme designed to help your child/children to master the times tables! To be a Times Table Rock Star you need to answer any multiplication fact up to 12×12 in less than 3 seconds!

World famous rock musicians are the best at what they do because they've spent hours practising guitar chords, writing music or playing on the drums. It's just the same with times tables – all Times Table Rock Stars need to practise and practise and practise. It's absolutely essential that your child does a little bit of times table practice every night. In our experience, short bursts of practise on a daily basis are more effective than spending hours once a week.

TTRS has a clever algorithm set behind the scenes that moves each child onto the next level when they are confident with the questions. It looks for speed and accuracy. Incorrect answers are always immediately corrected in front of the pupil so that they start to associate the correct answer to every question.

More than that, the clever code behind the scenes works out which times tables facts each pupil is consistently taking longer to answer and then it gradually starts to present these facts more frequently until pupils have mastered them.

It will also ask related division questions 20% of the time in order to reinforce division facts.

Challenges are set with classes and across the school to see who can be the quickest Rockstar. Children can individually challenge each other and even their teachers!

The world record for the fastest time is 0.31 seconds! That is 3 questions in 1 second. Watch it here and see if you can beat it...

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